Mar 22 2020

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Auto headlights

How to Clean and Restore Car Headlights

Learn how to restore car headlights. This inexpensive fix will immediately brighten your nighttime headlights.


Restore Your Headlights Yourself!

Seems like everything these days is made of plastic, and headlight lenses (capsules) are no exception. Although these plastics have a special UV resistant coating, your headlight lens can become dull, oxidized, yellow and hazy from exposure to pollution, sunlight, harsh chemicals and road salt. This damage reduces the effectiveness of your headlights, making driving at night less safe. That’s a good reason to learn how to clean headlights.

Watch this video to learn how to restore headlights yourself:

Rather than spend up to $500 (plus labor) to replace fogged headlamp lenses, you can restore your vehicle’s yellowed, cloudy headlamps in 30 to 45 minutes with some home remedies that don’t involve specialty tools. And the results are fantastic. You can buy the supplies you need at a well-stocked auto parts store, or you can get a kit online. The kit contains four grades of wet and dry sandpaper (1,000 to 2,500 grit), plastic polishing compound, latex gloves and a flannel polishing cloth.

Note: The following procedure will not repair damage to the inside lens of the headlamp. You should replace a headlamp if the reflective coating is peeling or corroded.

Car maintenance seems daunting at first, but start small and work up the car repair ladder. Here are 100 car repair tasks and maintenance you can do yourself.

Auto headlights

Auto headlights

Auto headlights

Clear your fogged or yellowed headlight lenses in 45 minutes for less than $15, rather than spending $100s to replace them.
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