Apr 25 2020

Impractical jokers catastrophe

Impractical jokers catastrophe-Impractical jokers catastrophe
Impractical Binger is a fan blog of the TruTV Impractical Jokers Show. The impracticability of binging on the show necessitated this practical outlet.

(im)practical binger

Sal’s > (Im)practical Binger June 14, 2019

Amongst the jokers, no one else fears punishments as much as Sal does. Looking back through the show’s history we can get a plausible explanation for this behaviour: Sal was rather unprepared for the challenges so much so that he ended up suffering through 3 consecutive punishments during the start of the first season.

That of course left an indelible mark on the guy but for good reasons it would seem as he ended up pulling himself by the bootstraps to bequeath that dismal legacy to Murr.

Nevertheless, the “trauma” lingered on and the jokers being the heartless bastards we love the for have callously exploited this fear in the way of surprise punishments that always find Sal flat-footed – literally it would seem.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 4 Episode 5 Elevating the Game
Sal gets stuck in an elevator with his worst nightmare – a cat and a sickly person that can’t cover his mouth. Hours later he figures out it’s not the gods that were punishing him but the scheming devils that are his friends.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 17 Water Torture
After a slight mishap with one of the child actors during a final challenge in the park, the other jokers decide to turn it into Sal’s punishment by making the child actors mess during every subsequent take much to the chagrin of Sal.

Sal’s > (Im)practical Binger June 14, 2019

What Sal lacks in a poker face he surely makes up of it in looks. He’s the most fashionable and well-groomed of the jokers, though it could be argued having the messes that are Joe and Q around helps in exaggerating these qualities.

His fashionable sensibilities however only started becoming apparent until season 2 when he embraced the beard. Before that he was pretty much only distinguishable from his polar opposite – Murr.

Being “Straight Up Sexy” as Joe puts it has its advantages. The most obvious one is that Sal’s charm almost always gives him a slight edge over the other jokers in challenges where the ladies feature.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 14 The Coward
After Murr offer to go out on a date is turned down by a “co-worker” on account of her being married, few moments later she agrees to go out with Sal to the same place Murr had suggested. Ouch!

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 25 Training Day
Sal air delivers a note intended to humiliate him to a girl in a park but she ends up keeping it and asking for his number.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 17 The Q Pay
At a singles dating event hosted by Bumble, Sal is paired with Joe as his wingman but one that has to ruin his chances of getting a number. So after sighting two prospective “biddies”, they make their move yet despite Joe’s best attempts to foil Sal’s chances he still ends up getting the digits.

Sal’s > (Im)practical Binger June 14, 2019

Blessed with a sense of rhythm unlike his fellow jokers, Sal makes good use of his gelatinous frame with astonishing results. As a matter of fact, a whole institute should be established and devoted to the sole purpose of studying the physics behind the double dutch.

A spin off shows and movies should also be in order. Working titles include:

  1. Dancing with the Jokers
  2. Impractical Dancing: Double Dutch
  3. Impractical Dancing: Magic Murr

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 8 Do Something to My Face
Sal debuts the Double Dutch in a mall dance face off with Q. Unfortunately for Q, the energy fields generated from his Martian Hoola Hoop were no match for the Double-Dutch’s sweeping waves.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 15 Mime and Punishment
Sal somehow turns a guided meditation routine into a Macarena dance without his spotty student connecting the dots.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 25 Training Day
While dressed in one of the best inventions from the show, the Jingle Vest, Sal moonwalks and does the obligatory double dutch. However the real stand out moment is with Q who ends up finally getting some rhythm courtesy of the Jingle Vest.

Sal’s > (Im)practical Binger June 14, 2019

As Joe has quipped on several occasions, it strange how Sal has survived this long. The guy has innumerable fears – from cats, dirt to all other conceivable germ infested things top of the list being Murr’s saliva drenched projectiles.

His range of fears and things that gross him out are quite diverse that it’s possible to find a host of them to contrast with each of the other jokers:

  • Q: Owner of several felines and generally an all-round animal lover. Sal: Ailurophobic and possibly zoophobic. No evidence of having pets.
  • Joe: Dog lover and owner to the adorable gattopups. Sal: Detests having to clean up after dogs in the street, inconceivable that he would hump a dog and is certainly not patient with an untrained pup (*cough* Tartufo *cough*)
  • Murr: Himself. Sal: Murrphobia.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 3 Episode 2 The Great Escape
A drumming lesson at Sam Ash Music Store with a student gets off to an awkward start after Sal plays the now infamous “I’m a sensitive guy” song that the other jokers had prepared for him. Lucky for Sal, he redeems himself by winning a tense cymbal face off with the student.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 3 Ruffled Feathers
Sal’s fear of animals is put to the test in this episode’s punishment when he has to give a presentation on them in front of a zoo audience.

The animals on showcase are not what you would call “Sal friendly” featuring a peeing ferret, a shoulder loving lizard and the hawk that almost gave Sal a heart attack whilst his very supportive assistant mocked him.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 4 Catastrophe
Revenge is dish best served with spiders as Sal come to learn in this punishment. As a revenge for his punishment where tarantulas are placed all over his body (Season 5 Episode 23 Spider Man), Q devises a payback punishment for Sal with only one slight difference – cats instead of tarantulas.


Impractical jokers catastrophe


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