Oct 4 2016

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Auto Shipping Services by American Auto

Auto Transportation, What is it?

In this industry, there are two types of companies: carriers and brokers. When looking for auto transport, it s best to stick to brokers, as they are the ones that will actually organize your car shipping and handle all the money and paperwork. Not only that, but brokers tend to keep the prices lower, and here s why: in the auto transport industry, carriers basically set the prices. They are in control of how much the service ends up costing, and if they had their way, you would be paying thousands of dollars per car. Brokerages, however, keep the prices low by being competitive with one another; since most carriers have to take loads from brokerages, they won t price gouge customers because a customer can just go with a different company. It s simply the process of moving your vehicle from one location to another. Finding good auto shippers starts with quotes; from there, you book your order with the car transporters and they will then find a good car shipping carrier to move your vehicle.

If you re not into filling out forms on a random website, give us a call! The right auto shipping companies can be tough to find, and if you re new to the industry finding a good auto shipper can be a hassle. Many websites that just get you quotes don t even have a telephone number to call we do! Our friendly vehicle shipping representatives are standing by seven days a week to help you with your needs, so if you have any questions give us a call and we ll help you out. It s important to find a good auto shipping company that will provide a good service. Many carriers will tell you to eliminate the broker, but you should always look at different car transport resources as carriers like to hike the prices up and charge you hundreds more than you need to be paying. Auto shippers that find you a carrier help to keep the prices lower than what independent carriers charge, because the carriers like to keep prices higher than they need to be everyone likes more money right? The case is true even in the industry, so it s best to shop around before selecting an auto shipping company and we are one of the best places to start.

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Tips to Reduce Your Auto Transport Wait Times

Shipping a vehicle is a time-consuming process. From start to finish the entire process typically will take about one to two weeks, and perhaps more. How long it takes to get your vehicle picked up and transported depends heavily on where you are shipping from and to and when you are shipping. Here are a few tips to help you reduce how long it takes to get your vehicle picked up and shipped.

If you are shipping from a rural area, you will likely find that getting your vehicle picked up can be a hassle. This is because auto transport carriers prefer to run their routes through major cities and metropolitan areas – it’s where the majority of their customers are located, after all. By sticking to populated areas, carriers can quickly and efficiently pick up and deliver loads, keeping prices lower and pickup times shorter.

The best way to reduce your wait time for pickup is to move your pickup location to an area that carriers can access more easily. We recommend speaking to your car transport representative in this regard; they will likely be able to tell you the best areas near you that will help lower your wait times for pickup, and can also give you more personalized tips and information as well.

If you’re interested in transporting a vehicle and are looking to get started, visit and fill out the free auto transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll receive personalized quotes for your shipment in your email, and once you have your quotes you can compare those companies against one another, talk to a live agent of those different companies and find the right shipper for your needs. If you have questions, or need some help getting your quotes, don’t hesitate to contact one of our own live agents at 800-930-7417 today.

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