Oct 6 2016

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Why Apollo Auto Transport Service?

We know how important your vehicle is to you. Whether you use it to enjoy and get things done for and with your family or for things to get done at work – having it available is essential to accomplish everything that needs to be done. When you need to get your car to a different location because you are moving, traveling or for any other reason, Apollo Auto Transport is ready to step up and help with your car shipping needs.

We value your business and understand that gaining your trust is very important before you hand over your car to get it to where you need it. We understand that you need a safe, secure, and fast Auto Transport service from a company that you can trust. We are a fast growing company which has been built on the trust that our valued customer have put on us. We want to give serve your car shipping needs with a service that you can trust and come back when you need a car shipping service for you, your family or your friends. Our core values in practice have shaped our company: Apollo Auto Transport is a fully licensed, insured, and five star rated auto transport company.

For the services we offer, here are a few important features that our satisfied customers have found to be the most helpful:

– A contract with updates on the transit of your order since the acceptance of the order;

– A confirmation e-mail for your order;

– Safety and reliable auto transport for your vehicle;

– Door to door service;

– Latest update of your order’s location;

– Fair prices;

– A great experience communicating with our professional employees.

We are a family owned and operated auto transport company with a love for cars. Let us be your pick for your Chicago car transport, Illinois car transport, your U.S. car transport.

What Do We Do?

Apollo Auto Transport is your car moving service. We handle your cars with care while we transport them and hand them back to you in the condition you handed them to us. We will make sure that your vehicle arrives at its new destination in the exact condition before the move. Our car transport trucks to move your vehicle without any additional wear and tear on your vehicle. Our vs cross country car moving service is the safest, easiest, fastest and most economical way to move a vehicle.

How We Work

When you need to move your car without adding the extra mileage of driving it across state borders, let us carry your car in one of our open or enclosed trailers and let the big rig do all of the work. Your vehicle will sit safely as our reliable car moving service lets it travels the distance.

Who Uses Auto Transport Service?

Apollo Car Transport is able to handle a variety of vehicles. We specialize in Classic Car Transport . Antique Car Transport, Exotic Auto Transport and in the transport of vehicles that cannot be used on highways. We can move any type of vehicle that our customers need to be transported. Many of the vehicles that people trust Apollo Auto Transport with would not be able to make the trip on their own. If your vehicle is not designed for long hauls then we are here to help.


Now you don’t need to worry about the potential wear and tear of your vehicle during your moving requirements – we offer the best in the trusted transport services . Bad weather conditions, storm or Heavy rainfall may be a barrier for moving your vehicle. Our car transport services make your car shipping easy and convenient. The climatic changes in the northern part of USA may have you moving to other states and now your vehicles can travel there too, without the hassle of you having to drive it. We recommend trying out our amazing services available with Apollo auto transport.

At Apollo Auto Transport Services . we believe in delivering excellent results. We have a pool of experts who are ready to serve you better 24x 7.

Reasons to choose our Classical Transport Services:

Affordable shipping anywhere around the world

• Tracking systems, state of the art equipment and communication system

• Team of experienced drivers

Nationwide services to customers

• Secure transportation

You don’t choose your car without any research; you shouldn’t make your trusted transport services decisions in a hurry either. Choose the car moving service that offers the most reliable that will ensure peace of mind before, during and after the car shipping. Once you enter a contract with us for your car transport, you will get an email with your order confirmation and follow up and keep you updated with the transit details.

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