May 17 2019

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Longtime Democratic presidential wannabe and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is coming to Colorado next week to hold a pow wow campaign organizing event.

No word yet on whether she will try to identify with western voters by flaunting her Indian ancestry, which she claimed a DNA test proved, but Cherokee Nation logically rebuffed.

As Chuck Hoskin Jr., the tribe’s secretary of state so aptly pointed out:

“Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America.

“Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation.”

So if you wish to attend, or protest her continuing charade, the event will be held April 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hanger at Stanley in Aurora.

That’s the day after tax day, so be sure and ask about her over-zealous spending of taxpayer dollars.

PETER BOYLES GOES TO SEATTLE: ‘If you hate the city of Denver, vote for 300’

Fresh off his victory lap exposing the disastrous reality of public drug injection sites in Vancouver that led to the demise of a similar opium den proposal for Denver, Peter Boyles headed to Seattle to see how public camping for the homeless was working out for them.

Westword has the story on the KNUS team’s visit from earlier this month:

“It’s a horror show,” he said from Seattle at around the midpoint of his journey, “and it’s what’s going to happen in Denver. These camps are going to be everywhere. In Civic Center Park. Along the canals. Anywhere between the sidewalks and the street. Everywhere.”

Peter Boyles told the newspaper he plans to discuss his findings, repeatedly, on his talk show, and welcomes questions from callers who support Initiative 300 to overturn Denver’s camping ban and give the homeless privacy rights on public sidewalks, parks and streets.

Once again, Boyles has done what the rest of Colorado media are just too lazy or biased to do — their jobs as journalists.

Despite their ever-present tone of righteous indignation, we highly recommend the Westword story — the parts about what Boyles and his team witnessed during their trip, anyway.

It’s like looking through a crystal ball at Denver’s future, if voters pass that ballot measure next month.

BOMB CYCLONE: Will Garcia Keep the State Capitol Open During a Blizzard Again?

Last month, Colorado experienced a rare winter phenomenon, the bomb cyclone, which left highways littered with abandoned cars and destruction in its wake. But it didn’t stop Democratic leadership from plowing ahead at the state Capitol. After all, they had controversial bills to pass and the public to disenfranchise.

Tomorrow, Colorado will experience another major blizzard, maybe even another bomb cyclone (or so say the weather folks). On the docket tomorrow are controversial bills like automatic voter registration, campaign finance reform, and rent control. While any legislator who appreciates the democratic process of allowing citizens to testify should take a deep breath and postpone hearings for tomorrow, we have doubts given past refusal to do so by Democratic leadership – specifically Democratic President Leroy Garcia. In short, he put politics over democratic process.

The misstep last month wasn’t without critics, however. 9News‘ Kyle Clark called Garcia out on his BS and it wasn’t pretty. Just watch.

Whether Garcia is persuaded by the negative media attention or by just doing the right thing doesn’t matter. The right thing to do is to cancel committee hearings when the average citizen would endanger themselves or others attending the hearing.

FLACK FORWARD: Whatever Happened to Polis’ Spokeswoman?

Reminisce about that here.

After the campaign, Sheldon stayed on Polis’s payroll through the inauguration, but we haven’t heard a peep from her until now.

HYPOCRITES FOR MAYOR: Candidates Shamed on Camping Ban

Ballots go in the mail next week for the May 7 Denver mayor and council elections plus the contentious Initiative 300 giving privacy rights to the homeless and repealing the camping ban so they can take up residence on sidewalks and parks.

The camping ban came up during a mayoral debate last week for an LGBTQ advocacy group that was moderated by Colorado Politics.

Well, not the ban so much — most candidates focused their angst on the measure’s opponents and those who contributed $1.5 million to campaign against it.

Candidate Kalyn Rose Heffernan brought it up in typical, liberal fashion, complaining the money should have been spent to house people.

But voters aren’t being asked to build houses, are they? Their choice is, should Denver be a camping free-for-all with guaranteed tent privacy rights, or not. As a community activist, Hefferman should be all too aware of the truckloads of public money used to sustain homelessness, rather than build houses.

And as Mayor Michael Hancock aptly pointed out:

“The philanthropic foundation community and the private sector have donated millions to address the issue of homelessness in this city,” Hancock said. “And I don’t know of any candidate up here that has written a check to help support and fight and deal with the issue of homelessness in the city of Denver.”

Lisa Calderon was equally critical of the campaign against a future tent city, calling it “shameless,” while Jaime Giellis tried to have it both ways — opposing the initiative but supporting the camping ban repeal.

The only candidates opposing the initiative are Hancock and Penfield Tate III.

LEMONADE DEREGULATION: IS Governing Just Too Hard for Polis?

We’d be remiss if we ignored Gov. Polis’s recent grandstanding to appear more business friendly, especially since he’s charging full steam ahead to dismantle our energy economy through the oil and gas bill.

Polis signed a deregulation bill into law permitting children to operate lemonade stand business without the hassle of local control.

While passing more controversial bills in private, the governor seized on this opportunity to share his grand gesture in an official signing ceremony.

Thrilled to sign the bipartisan Lemonade Stand Bill today that reduces regulations and cuts red tape, making it easier for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses! Thank you @COSenWilliams, @JackTateCO, @repjamescoleman & Rep. Carver for your leadership!

Of course, children won’t be completely free to just operate lemonade stands willy nilly like a bunch of anarchists. Democrats also imposed new state rules for them to follow.

They can’t set up shop anywhere near a business where they might be seen as capitalist competitors, and they can only run their stands fewer than 84 days. NOT 85 days, but 84 days, because that’s not as random, or something.

But under Polis’s new lemonade regime, local government is forbidden to require any sort of license or permit to operate. In other words, local control is just too onerous on young entrepreneurs.

Conversely, the oil and gas bill will pass state regulatory control around to all local governments.

Apparently the state is fully capable of regulating the lemonade stand trade, just not its main economic driver.

IT’S ON: Galindo Recall Effort Gets Green Light

All eyes were on Democrat Rep. Rochelle Galindo, who represents Greeley, when she voted in favor of SB19-181, the punitive oil and gas bill that went even beyond Proposition 112. The bill passed the House on a party line vote. They didn’t need her vote because Democrats have a 20-plus point majority in the House.

But she still voted in favor of a bill that would harm many of her constituents in the heart of oil and gas country in Colorado. In fact, in Weld County, 112 was rejected 75% to 25%. That’s a pretty clear result, and one that Galindo should have heeded.

Now, she has to face voters.

The official recall effort has begun. Yesterday, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office approved the recall petition format and the effort soon will be collecting signatures. The language of the ballot initiative set the conditions for the recall effort. The statement alleges that Galindo didn’t “understand legislation negatively impacting her community” and other grievances.

While there are two recall efforts underway, this is the official recall effort led by former Weld County GOP Chairwoman Stacey Kjeldgaard and is focused on the economic impacts of Galindo’s votes.

Perhaps it’s time for voters to hold her accountable.

SMOOCH! Desperate DeGette Panders to Press for Attention

Memo to U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette: Your fear is showing.

The entrenched Democrat is obviously nervous about having a legit and early campaign challenger, so she’s been upping her social media game hoping the media minions will return to their establishment liberal fold and write more glowing articles about her.

In a desperate ploy on the House floor Tuesday evening, DeGette gave one of those C-Span audience-of-three speeches to give the media a big old smooch on the rear, in the hopes they will return the favor.

Maintaining a truly free & independent press is vital to our democracy. We rely on members of the press to be our watchdogs – to sound the alarms and hold our government leaders accountable. We need to protect local news outlets across the U.S., and prevent any further decline.

— Rep. Diana DeGette (@RepDianaDeGette) April 2, 2019

DeGette never said exactly how the federal government should “protect” the media. Do they need bodyguards, or advertisers to stay in business?

She also declined to elaborate on “further decline.” Decline in readership and viewers? News jobs? Actual newspapers?

Nevertheless, it’s not the government’s job to protect or prevent anything from occurring when it comes to matter of the free press.

DeGette should really just keep their nose out of the media’s butt crack, and their business.

SWEET 15: Dem Field to Challenge Gardner Grows, Again

It’s just a free-for-all for under-employed Democrats wanting to run next year against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Diana Bray (who?) is the most recent to join the fray.

The 58-year-old psychologist hails from Englewood, and she’s a Democrat climate activist. But we repeat ourselves.

It sounds like she’s just going to ride the coattails of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York socialist, and her Green New Deal.

Her campaign platform centers on killing the oil and gas industry nationwide, like she tried to do last year with Proposition 112.

The best she can probably hope for in the field of growing Democrats joining the race is to raise her state name ID from zero to 4%.

Also lining up at the gate to race in the Democratic primary are these announced candidates:

Former state Sen. Mike Johnston
Former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff
Former congressional candidate Stephany Rose Spaulding
Biomedical scientist Trish Zornio
Organizer Lorena Garcia
Activist Danielle Kombo
Pharmacist Dustin Leitzel
Advocate Keith Pottratz

Potential Candidates still thinking whether to challenging Gardner:

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter
U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse
Former U.S. Attorney John Walsh
State Sen. Kerry Donovan
Former Colorado Department of Higher Education Director Dan Baer
Former Boulder County Democratic chair Ellen Burns

That’s 15 potentials lining up to take on Gardner.

Democrats only need one more to host an NCAA basketball tournament.

DEMS IN DISARRAY: Blue on Blue Violence Following Death of Death Penalty Repeal Bill

As we’ve documented pretty much all year, Colorado Democrats can – and have – done whatever they have wanted to state law. From gigantic new taxes disguised as fees, the continued effort to abolish TABOR, and most recently, a sledgehammer on the heads of the oil and gas industry, the liberal loons at the state capitol have taken our rights and our right to earn with impunity.

That’s what made the… death… of the death penalty repeal bill so fascinating to behold. You see, the bill’s sponsors, Senators Julie Gonzales and Angela Williams of Denver, introduced this affront to justice without letting all relevant stakeholders know in advance. That would be in line with other bills this year, such as Senate Bill 181 (the oil and gas crippler) similarly lacking a stakeholder process.

But there was one, fairly crucial member of the sponsoring Senators’ own caucus who wasn’t consulted prior to the death penalty repeal measure being introduced: Senator Rhonda Fields, whose own son’s life was taken by two of the three people currently sitting on Colorado’s death row.

Think about how insane and cruel that is from Senators Gonzales and Williams.

Of course, Senator Fields opposed the bill from the outset, giving emotional interviews and testimony to that understandable effect.

All of that being said, fast forward to the bill’s swift and amazingly entertaining demise earlier this week: Senate Democrats, lacking the votes within their own caucus to pass the measure even on a party-line vote (remember, they have a 19-16 advantage in the Senate), laid the bill over until the last day of session, effectively… well, killing it.

What happened next was amazing. Senators Gonzales and Williams openly and viciously turned on each other, hesitant members of the Democratic caucus, and even party leadership. The Colorado Independent‘s Alex Burness captured this amazing display of open warfare in a Tuesday story about the bill’s failure; be sure to read it in full, but we’ve included some of the juiciest bits for your astonished eyes to digest:

“Sen. Williams showed a deep disrespect to our colleagues at multiple points through the process,” Gonzales said, adding that Williams’s decision not to join her on the floor “was but one of the signs of disrespect during this process.”

“Gonzales said that among the other signs was that Williams failed to solicit Fields’s input on the bill, which was introduced in the Senate, celebrated in a press conference and debated in a committee hearing on three consecutive days — an unusually swift timeline for any bill.

“’I consider that a 1-2-3 punch,’ Fields, the only Democrat who announced they’d vote against the bill, said at the time.

“Next year’s repeal effort, which will be the sixth in Colorado in about a dozen years, will lead with the kind of “respect and conversation” that this year’s process lacked, Gonzales said.

“She and Williams agree that the bill needs another chance in 2020.

“’Absolutely,’ Williams said. ‘I’ve already pulled the title.’

“But Williams and Gonzales are unlikely to work together as the lead sponsors of next year’s bill.

“‘She should check her facts,’ Gonzales said, ‘because I’ve already pulled the title.’”

Folks, these people have unchecked power and are choosing instead to throw haymakers at each other directly to a friendly media outlet.

Seriously, just read the damn thing. Their own fighting words do more to paint the picture than ours possibly could.

Start popping your popcorn, folks. When they’re not tanking our economic future, the folks in charge under the golden dome are giving us one hell of an episode of (actual) Family Feud.

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