Mar 10 2018

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According to Kelly Blue Book, One-in-five men know the exact vehicle he wants, while women are twice as likely to be undecided about what vehicle they desire, the study revealed. Additionally, 58 percent of men are confident in the car-buying arena, versus 38 percent of women. As a result, women take longer to make a purchase (a median of 75 days, compared with men’s 63 days), because they are spending more time than men doing research in an effort to build confidence and knowledge. Article available upon request.

Women’s Auto Connection is a premier nationwide independent AUTO BUYING CONSULTING FIRM with 23 years of automotive experience. We believe that visiting a dealership without representation is not in your best interest. We have helped thousands of clients on all credit levels. Typical consumers purchases a car every 3 to 5 years, Women’s Auto Connection deals with cars ever 3 to 5 minutes. Let us become you negotiating tool to get you the best deal. We are proud to announce that Women’s Auto Connection Radio Show is LIVE. The show airs every Thursday from 12 noon to 2 pm PST. Click HERE to learn more.

Generally, car salesmen are trained professionals with one thing in mind, making the most money as possible! Our knowledge and expertise prevents that. Regardless of whether you have good credit or challenged credit, it does not matter to us. Our newest program called CREDIT FREE CARS, which is a program that does not require your personal information up front. All we ask for is a free conversation; again your credit is not necessary.

We assist you on getting you the most money for your trade in even if you are upside down. We assist in all 50 states. Additionally we work with:

  • City and State employees
  • Credit union members (Pre approvals accepted)
  • Military personnel (Negotiating your deal, while you are out of the country)

We fight for BELOW INVOICE on NEW CARS and below KELLY BLUE BOOK on USED CARS. Our service is fast and easy. If you have a recent repossession, please give us a call. Women’s Auto Connection also has a great first-time buyers program as well. your home. The concept behind buying a car through Women’s Auto Connection is relatively simple. We do all the work on your behalf. Call today and get a FULL APPROVAL (not a Pre-approval) right from the comfort of your own home. Just relax and let us negotiate the best deal for you, while you are:

Why go up against the dealerships alone? Our service is:

Furthermore we know that you need:

  • A Realtor to buy a house
  • A Doctor for medical issues
  • A lawyer when you have legal issues
  • Women’s Auto Connection when you need a car

We would like you to add us to that important list, because in most cases purchasing a car is the second biggest purchase behind purchasing a house. We represent clients every day. We have the expertise and the negotiating skills to get the job done. Additionally, as it pertains to our clients, we have a special No pressure, No haggle policy! TAP this link for our CREDIT FREE CARS program.

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