Aug 11 2017

Now you can buy laptops from BeForward #factering


Now you can buy laptops from BeForward

If you ve bought a car from BeForward before (not too sure how many HAVEN T) but you ll be pleased to know the largest car dealer selling cars to Africa is now selling laptops .

Yes, you know them for being one of the largest (if not the largest) online used car sales websites, sending hundreds of thousands of vehicles to Africa annually and have undoubtedly gained the trust of users and followers. If you look at almost every Japanese car that is in Zimbabwe right now you re bound to see a black and orange sticker written BeForward.

Well, they ve decided to take it up a notch. BeForward have realised that the need is greater than just used cars (I haven t seen a motorbike or quad-bike listed on their website, guess the Japanese are a bit cautious) and are now selling used laptops.

The well known car dealer has seen an opportunity to build on the relationships of their following by adding these digital products into the fray (hand clap).

BeForward Computers Home Page

How to buy laptops from BeForward

The logistics are a lot similar to how they sell their cars. You search for the product that you want, select it and add it to your cart, then you check out when you re done choosing.

A proforma invoice is then emailed to you that requires you to make your way to the bank (no VISA, MasterCard or even PayPal payments just yet, even though we can now pay using PayPal in Zimbabwe we ll have to wait for other services to start using our account) and do a telegraphic transfer. Once payment has been made within 48 hours from the proforma being sent, they pack your product with insulation and shock resistance and hand in your goods to DHL .

No mention is made as to how long it will take to get to Zimbabwe but they do state that they ll give you the DHL tracking number once it s left their hands so that you can keep track of your order. Fair enough.

Should you buy laptops from BeForward?

Though this is early days yet, my main reason why you should hold on to your cash and not buy laptops from BeForward just yet is pricing.

With laptops priced at between $200 and $400 at the former Ximex Mall-area ( a shopping complex in Harare where cellphone traders buy and sell their wares) for second hand ones (I will not answer the moral blameworthiness of buying from such places) and $400 $750 for a well spec d laptop in Harare, getting a laptop from BeForward is very expensive.

Though on face value, it looks cheap, a low spec d brand new laptop goes for as little as $350, but this is before the $30-$40 that banks charge you to do a Telegraphic Transfer (please someone briing BitCoin to Zimbabwe!), then they have a flat fee of $150 for shipping (they don t really state what weight this is for, as it surely will be cheaper to buy them in quantity.


It is a great initiative to see BeForward (renowned for used car sales) stepping into the laptop arena. This didn t seem an obvious to me, sure, car parts or car accessories is the way to go, no? This is an interesting pivot, though for now I wouldn t recommend anyone to take up this offer, especially since these devices are readily available in Zimbabwe.

Would you buy a laptop from BeForward? How price sensitive are you? Any particular way that they should adjust to make this offer more lucrative? Are options for buying laptops like Zimbo Shopper better?

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Nice catch William but this is incredibly over priced! My runner in SA can do much better, I can do much better using the Herald or I see no appeal for going this route! At those prices I am going straight to the likes of Solution Cent. or Arkmate or whoever respective dealer is for the brand I am chasing! Even the Econet Franchise Shops are cheaper than this and they give me in store swop for defective items! Imagine the horror should that laptop arrive and the hard drive is not working or a ram chip failed the 1 in 100000 failures that occur. Thanks but no thanks be forward.
When the laptops cost a dollar and shipping is $150 then I will be interested! $250 for a core 2? SMH

Thanks for the read Fourwallsinaroom.

Yes there is also the risk of getting a defective gadget and it being very costly to repair, while Japan is not a kombi-ride away

Specs are also very poor on the devices that they have listed, devices that are readily available locally for that matter. Wait and see for you? Or would you just walk along?

As a tech / IT person I tend to shop around. Lately some of my favourite stores are Gold Tech and Spell Bound Gold Tech is flexible if the owners / managers are there usually willing to knock of a dollar here and there. Spell bound will bring to spec. If Be Forward can do something where there is a local shop and at the right price I would walk in and take a look.

I am thinking two scenarios here :-
1. They have identified a niche market where people will accept these crazy prices (Zim is not one of them)
2. The used devices are ex be forward devices and staff are also allowed to supply and sell on there

just another thought!

True, we are a very price sensitive market and these prices are prohibitive. Not too sure if they selling ex-staff equipment, but the prices (maybe because we don t readily access cars as opposed to laptops locally) are nowhere close to the great deals that they give with their cars!

Hy am looking for mini laptop hw march in zimbabwe

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