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After you have applied for admission, you will receive an email invitation to create a UW NetID. Follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Note: The instructions on this page are only for students who applied online to the Seattle campus of the UW.

How to set up your UW NetID

Find the email and password you used when you applied online to the UW to create your NetID.

If you deleted your Coalition account after submitting your freshman application, you will not be able to create your UW NetID using the link above. Contact the Admissions Office to request your PAC and system key.

Frequently asked questions

I just created my UW NetID, and signed into MyUW, but I don’t see my application. MyUW thinks I am a PCE student.

Once you create a NetID, many processes update information about you and your affiliation with the university (as an applicant) into different data systems. Some of these systems update in minutes, some take overnight. If you just created your UW NetID, MyUW content might not be correct, because it doesn’t know you are an applicant yet. Please try again after a night has passed. If you still do not see your application status, send an email to [email protected]

I can’t remember the email and password I used when I applied online.

You will need the email and password you used to submit your online application to create your UW NetID. If you forgot your online application email or password, use the links provided in the email you received to get help.

I’m using the right email and password from my online application but I’m not able to create my UW NetID.

You must use the email and password from the account you used when you submitted your first online application to the UW . This can be a little tricky if you applied to more than one campus of the UW — Bothell, Seattle, Tacoma — and you used different online accounts.

Do I need a system key and Private Access Code (PAC)?

Most applicants will not need a system key or PAC, however, some applicants will. To be sure, wait for the email with instructions for setting up your NetID.

I reset my online application password.

If you reset the password for the account you used to apply online, you can still create a UW NetID. Double check that you have the correct email and password by logging back into your online application account activity. Once you can log in successfully, proceed to create a UW NetID.

I applied online and have the right login info but can’t proceed.

If you know you applied online and you are using the correct email and password but cannot create a UW NetID, please contact the Office of Admissions.

I already have a UW NetID.

If you already have a UW NetID, please continue with this setup process. There will be a moment during the setup process where you will be asked if you already have a UW NetID. Answer Yes and proceed through the rest of the setup questions.

I already have a UW NetID and forgot my UW NetID password.

If you already have a UW NetID and you forgot your password, you will need to reset it. Go to the UW NetID password reset page. Enter your UW NetID username and then choose a method to verify your identity. If you choose “Your UW Online Applicant for Admission Identity,” you will be asked to provide the email and password you used to apply online.

I already have a UW NetID and forgot my UW NetID username.

If you already have a UW NetID and you forgot your username, you will need to retrieve it. Go to the UW NetID username retrieval page. Verify your identity by providing the email and password you used to apply online. Once successful, you will see your UW NetID displayed at the top of the page.

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