Jan 14 2018

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Auto Racing Helmet Reviews

New for 2011, the Zeronine Z9-APX features a super lightweight fiberglass tri-weave shell making it one of the lightest. [read more. ]

New for 2011, the Pyrotect Pro Airflow helmet features a super lightweight carbon/kevlar/fiberglass shell making it the lightest. [read more. ]

The new Snell SA2010 rated AR-10 II helmet from HJC Motorsports meets or exceeds the new Snell Foundation’s SA2010 specifications. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets01/23/2008 – Bell M4 Helmet Review

New for 2007, the Bell M4 helmet replaces the outgoing Bell M2 helmet. The M4 picks up where the M2 left off. it is an aggressively styled. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets01/22/2008 – HJC HX-10 Carbon Fiber Helmet Review

The very trick HJC HX-10 helmet is HJC’s first automotive helmet to feature a lightweight and durable carbon fiber shell. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets01/22/2008 – Pyrotect Pro Aiflow Helmet Review

The Pyrotect Pro Airflow helmet is our best selling Snell SA rated full face helmet. It features a strong and lightweight fiberglass shell. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets12/23/2007 – HJC Si-12 Helmet Review

The HJC Si-12 Helmet is one of the lightest helmets available on the market today. In fact, it is the lightest helmet we carry, weighing in at. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets12/21/2007 – Zamp RZ-2 Helmet Review

The Zamp RZ-2 Helmet, in our opinion, is one of the best bang-for-the-buck helmets on the automotive market today. When we first started carrying this helmet we were very. [read more. ]

Auto racing helmets12/18/2007 – HJC AR-10 Helmet Review

The Snell SA2005 rated HJC AR-10 model is one of our personal favorites. Why? Because it happens to have features of helmets costing two or three times as much. [read more. ]

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