Nov 5 2019

Best second hand & used cars to buy in 2017, Carbuyer, buy second hand cars ireland.

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Best used cars

While owning a brand-new car is an experience to cherish, buying used can leave you with more money in your pocket. Choosing a pre-owned car means you won’t suffer the initial period of depreciation the first owner will experience. This is the value a car loses as soon as it’s driven away from the showroom.

Although Carbuyer is strongly focused on new cars, we certainly appreciate why buying used continues to be such a popular alternative. This has led us to consider which cars offer the best value for money on the used market – there are some that can save their second owner a huge amount of cash.

The rate at which a used car loses its value – its rate of depreciation – can vary enormously between models and it’s not always easy to predict how a car will perform in this regard. There are some truly excellent cars out there that, for a variety of reasons, perform poorly on the used-car market and have to be priced low to attract a buyer. This is bad news for whoever buys such a car brand new, but excellent news for subsequent owners.

Depreciation tends to slow down once a car has reached three years of age – if you plot it on a graph, the initial steep curve gradually flattens out as the car becomes older. This means it’s possible to buy a used car and experience considerably less loss of value than a new-car buyer is likely to endure. It means that buying used can be a very cost-effective method of car ownership, as long as you don’t mind missing out on the latest design and cutting-edge technology.

High-spec models – those priced markedly higher than lower models in the range – are likely to depreciate faster than others and can offer spectacular value secondhand. And some cars that are so expensive that the first three years of depreciation takes tens of thousands of pounds from their value. However, the cars on our list of the 10 best used car buys were all sensibly priced when new and some are likely to hold on to their remaining value strongly – great news when the time comes to sell.

Used car buyers have never had more choice – both in variety of cars and the range of places you can buy a used car with confidence. Check out online sellers such as our sister site

Read on for a little used car inspiration and also see our guides to getting a good deal on a used car and questions to ask when buying a used car to give you an edge during negotiation.

Vauxhall Astra hatchback

Buy second hand cars ireland

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