Aug 16 2017

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Recharging the air conditioning system

Have you noticed that the air coming through the vent isn’t as cold as it once was? It may be time to recharge the system. Using the system depletes the refrigerant gas. On the other hand, refrigerant can leak when the air conditioning system isn’t used.

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Cleaning out your air ducts

You switched on your air conditioner. An annoying smell wafts through the vents. Odds are it could be caused by a buildup of bacteria, definitely something you don’t want to be inhaling.

How did it get in there? Simple. Cars also go through the aging process. As they do, bacteria, micro-organisms, mold and fungus find a way to start growing behind the dash panel on the evaporator and become the source of those unpleasant odors.

Take this summer driving safety tip: put a stop to it and reach for an anti-bacterial treatment to destroy the bacteria growth and put your car back on the road to producing healthier and fresher air.

Have you replaced your cabin air filters? Ever? Never?

Did you know that your vehicle even had a cabin air filter? Don’t worry. Quite a few car owners are largely unaware of their existence. But let’s not diminish their vital importance. Cabin Air filters are common in vehicles 2000 and newer.

A vehicle in motion can create a tunnel effect that raises the amount of pollutants inside the vehicle. To decrease that unhealthy level, cabin air filters are essential in cleaning the air that enters the passenger cabin through the air conditioning system. They have the ability to capture a high percentage of pollutants that include pollen and road dust.

Keeping radiators well hydrated

Cooling down the engine is the prime responsibility of your radiator. Checking coolant levels is an easy enough task; to make it a complete success, we recommend referring to your owner’s manual to ensure a proper water and coolant blend. FYI: a 50/50 blend is recommended for most cars.

Old, dirty or dingy coolant? It’s time to replace.

A simple coolant flush is in order. Here’s a driving safety tip: doing so immediately will save you a visit to your mechanic later. We offer an all-in-one kit that’ll allow you to do the job quickly and cleanly.

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