Sep 30 2016

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Exhaust Systems and Components

OEM factory exhaust systems are designed to be affordable automakers aren t nearly as concerned about free-flowing performance as they are about saving a few dollars on every exhaust system they produce. Thereofre, customizing your exhaust system is one of the easiest ways to pick up power, as well as change the sound of your vehicle from generic to sinister – or whatever you re going for. With just a day s work (in most cases), you can swap exhaust components and start seeing big horsepower and performance gains right away.

In this section, you can browse a full selection of cat-back exhaust systems (which run from the catalytic converter back), turbo-back exhausts (running from turbochargers back), exhaust headers, mufflers, manifolds, and all kinds of components. With such a large selection, you are able to invest in either a quick bolt-on system, or you can build your own custom dual exhaust system, straight pipe exhaust system, etc.

Pickups can often benefit greatly from an after-market exhaust system, which is why we carry a full range of truck exhaust systems. Many truck owners who install a quality cat-back system notice more power while towing, more acceleration, and better fuel economy (not to mention that classic muscle car sound).

Street Side Auto is your best source for all exhaust systems and components. We offer vehicle specific parts as well as universal components so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Buy your exhaust parts from Street Side Auto to take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $100 and awesome customer experience.

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