Apr 26 2017

Dupli-Color Paint Shop Color Chart #used #car #auctions

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Dupli-Color Paint Shop Color Chart


Did you always want to accomplish a professional re-finish for your ride, right in your garage? Then it is time now to realize that dream. Pick up the Dupli-Color PaintShop Color Chart and get started. PaintShop paints are an all-time favorite with automobile enthusiasts all over the world.

PaintShop is a premium lacquer system that is designed specifically for automobiles. Easy to use and quick to dry, it is a unanimous choice of many who are looking for a DIY system coupled with a professional look.

Dupli-Color is the brand that is popular for color and painting options. Since 1938, Duplicolor has been offering an innovative collection of paints, coatings and primers. With many specialized painting options, Duplicolor clearly stands out as a winner in the crowd of automotive paints. Dupli-Color paints are resilient and well-equipped to stand the test of time. The paints boast of being easier to apply and are perfect for the DIY project that you have long been keeping aside.

The lacquer is pre-reduced, which makes it ready to spray. With no necessity of mixing and reducing, these paints are definitely a trouble-free option to traditional paints that can get really messy. What’s more, they are environment friendly too.

The quick drying feature enables you to finish your project in no time and ready to use. With three hours handle time and a flat one hour dry-to-touch time, it is nothing less than tempting to re-finish and vroom away. Further, the paints do not have a recoat window, which means that you can apply the subsequent coat at any time you want.

The line of PaintShop products include colors, primer, mid-coats (optional), clear coats and candy coats – everything you will ever need to fashion a custom paint job. The candy coats specially give you the much sought after, professional-looking deep metallic color for less than half the price of an expert work. The translucent coat buffs up the metallic surface and helps you achieve the effect you are looking for.

The color chart helps you choose from a wide range of colors, mid coats, primer, clear coats and candy coats. The exact paint chips help in choosing the color of your choice. But when you have the Dupli-Color PaintShop Color Chart in your hand, a word of caution – you will be spoiled with choices.

Key Features of the Dupli-Color PaintShop Color Chart:

  • Paint Chips: that give you accurate color matching to suit your choice

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