Oct 24 2016

Flexible LED Strips #auto #swapper

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LED STRIPS – Flexible, weatherproof, and economical

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Looking for the brilliant glow of LED lights without the hassle of installing them individually with a soldering iron?

Our LED strips hook up to your car in one easy step, bringing you all the convenience of weatherproof, inexpensive, high tech auto accessory ingenuity.

Very bright and very cool, these strips sell for as little as $3.99 each, give you total lighting flexibility, put next to no drain on your car battery, and no matter whether you use them in hard rain or the driest night on record, they won’t fail you.

Action shots!

Oznium LED strips put out a minimum amount of heat, so there’s no risk of fire, and they’ll fit in a variety of places:

  • Around the front grille
  • Under foot-wells
  • On wheel wells
  • In the trunk
  • Under the hood
  • Along the dash
  • Wherever the heck you want them to go!

The only limit is your imagination.

Oznium LED strips come in Blue, Green, Red, White, Amber, UV – BlackLight, Pink, and Million color. Prices range from as little as $3.99 to a max of $71.99, depending on your size and color choice.

Once cut, is the strip still waterproof?

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