Oct 12 2017

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What is a
Life Settlement?

A life settlement is a cash settlement obtained through the sale of your existing life insurance policy.

When life insurance is no longer wanted or needed a life settlement can be a much more valuable financial option than surrendering or lapsing your insurance. The beauty of a life settlement is that you receive a cash settlement that is significantly more than what your insurance company will pay and you will be free from the obligation and financial burden of paying future premium payments.

Life Insurance Settlements Inc. Represents You! We have helped thousands of clients sell their life policies. Our fiduciary duty is to secure the highest market offer possible. We offer a free non binding appraisal for all of our clients.

We are a professional life settlement broker that negotiates the highest offer through a vast network of potential life settlement buyers. Our experienced team creates competition amongst these buyers to ensure that our clients receive the highest offer possible for their valuable asset.

Life Insurance Settlements Inc. partners with life agents, financial planners and estate planners all across the country. Our marketing team provides the support and education that is needed for you to maximize every life settlement opportunity.

Our staff of professional brokers will show you how to recognize potential settlements through your existing clients. We will also provide you with the tools to market for new settlements nationwide.

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