Dec 7 2016

New – Used Trolleys, Trams, Electric Shuttles – More – Specialty Vehicles #auto #loan #calc

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New Used Trolleys, Trams,

Electric Shuttles More

Welcome to Specialty Vehicles, the preeminent source of new and used trolleys . trams, electric shuttles . and other types of people movers. Since 1982, we have manufactured, distributed and sold our diversified line of vehicles to clients in an array of different industries. Examples of clients would include resorts, amusement parks, zoos, tours operators, limo companies, cities, municipalities and essentially anybody looking to comfortably transport people across a large parking lot or across town. We have inventory available to meet a variety of needs, as our vehicles can seat anywhere from 8 to 124 passengers.

In addition selling quality vehicles across the United States, we also offer parts replacement for every vehicle we sell plus many other makes of people movers. We have also expanded our business to offer refurbishment, maintenance and repair to our clients throughout Southern Nevada. No matter what type of service you need, we work quickly to ensure you are able to keep your vehicles in service.

Please browse our site to learn more about our current inventory or please give us a call if you have any general or specific questions.




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